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Pure Electric Vessel – MV Tongass Rain is in design phase 3.  She is a 50 foot 47 passenger displacement catamaran, specifically designed to quietly cruise at 8 knots without fossil fuels. This eco vessel is unique, with a traditional but distinctive look and she is propelled with twin electric marine motors. Primary fuel is provided by rain, then delivered to our vessel via Juneau’s hydroelectric power grid and stored with lithium ion batteries. Secondary fuel sources on board are solar and wind generation, charging the house batteries for lighting, navigation and the sanitation system. This zero emission vessel is almost design complete, and under review by the United States Coast Guard for approvals,  and tentatively scheduled for construction October 2017 – April 2018, with operations tentatively starting in Juneau, Alaska May 2018.

TREC Focus – To promote and utilize clean energy alternatives in recreational and commercial marine applications. We hope to educate maritime operators and the general public of the efficiency, reliability, fiscal and environmental benefits of energy alternatives, as well as demonstrate consumer demand for such alternatives.

Starting 2018, Eco Tourism and Education – MV Tongass Rain is the first seagoing passenger vessel designed to be pure electric in the USA. TREC founder and GM Robert Varness’ goal was to design and build environmentally friendly commercial boats to enjoy the pristine Alaskan waters with the 1M+ tourists that visit Juneau annually. TREC commissioned naval architect Scott Jutson to design the vessels. MV Tongass Rain will be the first of potentially 5 electric boats, each offering a different experience on Juneau’s waterways. Salmon hatcherys, hydro-electricity projects, whale watching, Treadwell mine history and STEM education cruises are in our longer term plans.

Retail – We are an independent Torqeedo electric marine motor dealer and provide electric propulsion alternatives for smaller boats from kayaks to cruisers. Motors range 1 – 80 horsepower equivalency, and we have several battery and charging configurations available depending on required capacity.

Research – TREC will produce hard data to aid in larger research projects, providing information regarding EVs in marine environments, efficiencies of high torque motors and navigation data, fiscal benefits and vendor, manufacture, worker, and customer experience. TREC also intends to develop methods of procedure for routine maintenance in marine EV applications.

Consultation – Assisting commercial and recreational operators in transition to electric or hybrid electric alternatives.


3004 Goodwin Road
Juneau, Alaska 99801
Tel: 907.321.3012

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