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Juneau’s Independent Power Grid

Juneau’s independent hydro power grid is large and diverse. Port Snettisham, Lake Dorothy, Annex Creek, Gold Creek and Salmon Creek all contribute to clean energy for Juneau, and the lithium ion batteries that will store power aboard the MV Tongass Rain. http://www.aelp.com/company/company.htm...

State Capitol Climate Change Rally

    Our next window of opportunity for construction will be fall of 2017 and TREC will be looking for funding through strategic partnerships. To those that pledged, thank you for supporting 2015 Kickstarter campaign and the Tongass Rain initiative.       ...

Mendenhall Glacier Sightseeing

Mendenhall Glacier Sightseeing

Mendenhall Glacier is Juneau’s drive-in glacier! More than half of all Juneau visitors visit the Mendenhall to enjoy spectacular views and learn more about the geology of the area. Can you imagine an electric vessel tour of a glacial lake?...

Electric Motor Retail

Tongass Rain Electric Cruise sells Torqeedo electric motors, lithium ion batteries and solar charging systems. We offer all models of Torqeedo products. From kayaks to cruisers, we’ve got you covered and with built in GPS technology. www.torqeedo.com/us...

Renewable Energy Education

During the tour aboard the Tongass Rain, we will educate our customers about renewable energy. Wind, solar and hydroelectricity power generation will be discussed along with propeller regeneration options.  ...

Eco Tourism

MV Tongass Rain is a zero emission commercial tour vessel in design phase 3 and  tentatively scheduled for construction October 2017 – April 2018. Our cruise will operate at 7-8 knots and will be virtually silent with no engine noise and minimal wake. MV Tongass Rain is the quintessential model of eco tourism,...

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