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MV Tongass Rain is a zero emission commercial tour vessel in design phase 3 and  tentatively scheduled for construction October 2017 – April 2018. Our cruise will operate at 7-8 knots and will be virtually silent with no engine noise and minimal wake. MV Tongass Rain is the quintessential model of eco tourism, with very low impact to the environment. You will be able to relax and enjoy the unique experience, and sip a refreshment while you listen to the water. While underway we will provide our customers information on the surrounding area, sea mammals, birds and glaciers of the Tongass. In addition, we will educate our customers about wind, solar and hydro-electricity alternatives and explain the other special features aboard the vessel.

Sharing the story behind the concept, design and construction of the MV Tongass Rain will send you home with a different perspective of electrified transportation and travel opportunities. Cool T’s, Hats and Alaskan refreshments will be available for purchase aboard the vessel.

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